Striking a Balance

In today’s chaotic world, we too often find ourselves out of balance—too much of this, not enough of that—it can be distressing and quite honestly, unhealthy. Balance is essential to our well-being and at Fisher + Baker we are determined to help people reclaim balance in their lives. Work and play. Timely and timeless. Fashion and function. We strive to create balance in everything we do.

The Founder + Craftsman

It all started with a furniture designer named Greg. He cared deeply about how we as humans interact with the world around us. He believed that objects were supposed to elicit an emotional response from the people who interact them. They were supposed to be not only functional but also beautiful. The coexistence of these qualities created a balance that was entirely unique. When not making furniture, he loved being outdoors. Whether a camping trip or a daily bike commute, taking the opportunity to spend time in nature every day helped him achieve his own personal balance. This inspired Greg to apply his craft to design apparel meant to enhance these daily outdoor jaunts.

The Entrepreneur + Mentor

Mike. He was a different guy altogether. Mike’s passion was building brands. For decades he helped create and build companies that brought new and inventive products to the masses. The products may have changed, but one thing that didn’t was his approach to business. He knew it didn’t matter how good your product was if you did not have strong relationships. His passion for quality design and innovative features would never impact the consumer if they didn’t first impact the sales channel. Mike’s core belief is that people and relationships make everything possible. He enjoys mentoring young people, and passing on the lessons learned over the past 30 years. He cherishes these experiences and leans on them as he guides Fisher + Baker to become a remarkable brand for all to be a part of.

Creating a singular vision.

Fast-forward a few years to find Greg turning sketches into prototypes; ideas into reality. Mike was looking for the next proverbial mountain to climb. A chance introduction turned into a conversation about what these two men saw missing in the world. For Greg, it was about function without forsaking fashion. For Mike, it was about building a brand founded on the principle of creating an engaged community. Stories over coffee… ideas over wine… the birth of a vision. Greg and Mike shared a vision for a company that made exceptional clothing, which could strike the balance they were looking for. Products that could deliver confidence and utility, time and time again. A way of doing business that put people first. This vision led to the establishment of Fisher + Baker and the following tenets that continue to guide the company.


We value delivering what we promised, both our product and our business.


We value daily achievement and enjoyment in live.


We value partnership and connection within our communities.

Being Remarkable

We value performing to a level of excellence in everything we do.

We believe nature is our greatest resource and youth is our greatest asset and we are passionate about investing in both. At Fisher and Baker our love of nature and community is present in everything we do, and helping others is equally important.