The birth of an idea

Like all good innovation, Fisher + Baker was born out of frustration. Greg Horvitz, a furniture designer by trade, was frustrated that his daily wardrobe wasn’t keeping up with his life but he wasn’t willing to sacrifice style for comfort. As an avid outdoorsman, Greg understood the benefits of technical fabrics, construction, and insulations. What he didn’t understand was why no one was using these materials and techniques in menswear.

He did some research. Ideas turned to sketches, inspiration boards, material selections and eventually prototypes. The first prototypes weren’t perfect but they were on the right track. After months of tirelessly working to get everything just right, Greg ordered Fisher + Baker’s first production run. The wood shop would have to wait.

A chance introduction

At the same time that Fisher + Baker’s first collection was being produced on the factory floor, Greg was introduced to a guy named Mike Arbeiter. Mike’s passion was building remarkable brands. He’d been in the trenches and gone through the wars of building several businesses from the ground up. He had a wealth of experience that a small company could lean on. He saw potential and a partnership (and friendship) was born.

Creating a singular vision

Together, Mike and Greg created a plan to bring their ideas, products, and philosophy to market. It looks a little like this:

We believe in listening to our customers. If our customers don’t look great and exude confidence, we aren’t doing our job. If we make life difficult, we aren’t doing our job. And, if they can find a better mix of style and functional performance, we aren’t doing our job.

We believe in building their trust. We understand that trust isn’t built overnight. That is why we offer a best in class warranty on all of our products, period.

We believe in the wholesale channel. Even though you see horror stories about retail in the news every day, the best retailers- those that provide great service, a well planned product selection and a great experience for their customers- are finding great success. We want to partner with these retailers, support them, and grow our businesses together.

We believe in creating and nurturing a great team. No business can have success without the efforts and passion of a great team. We set out from our very beginning to build, support and give freedom to a group of individuals who make up the Fisher + Baker team.

Is it going to be easy? Of course not. Luckily, we aren’t the kind of people who choose the easy road. We decided that if we're going to work this hard to build an apparel company (instead of a more noble pursuit), then it might as well reflect our values:

Being Remarkable: We believe in rising to the occasion and taking the extra step
Relationships Matter: We seek to build and constantly connect with a community
Being Dependable: Our product, team, and all involved in Fisher + Baker are there for our community
Finding Balance: We believe that everyone must seek their own balance in life whatever it is you desire


We value delivering what we promised, both our product and our business.


We value daily achievement and enjoyment in life.


We value partnership and connection within our communities.

Being Remarkable

We value performing to a level of excellence in everything we do.

We believe nature is our greatest resource and youth is our greatest asset and we are passionate about investing in both. At Fisher and Baker our love of nature and community is present in everything we do, and helping others is equally important.