Where were you born?: I was born in Kazakhstan - Russia. I am a Holocaust survivor. The first memory of my life is the Statue of Liberty. I currently live in New York. 

What are your favorite restaurants?: Bar Pitti - I’ve been going there since the place opened, it’s great. I also like Perry Street. It’s low key, right on the water, and a great date spot. A very comfortable place with a lovely quiet elegance. Aria is rather unique. The menu is on the placemat, food is pretty inexpensive, but is as good as any Italian restaurant in the city. 

Cocktail of the moment?: I had something at Perry Street that I went crazy over - a ginger margarita. 

Any hobbies you want to share?: I love tennis and looking after my kids. I play tennis with mum son sometimes. I love to go to galleries, I collect contemporary art. 

What is the best under-the-radar thing to do in your town?: I don’t know if it’s under-the-radar, but I’ll go to Chelsea Piers for a swim, and then get I a chaise lounge that faces the Hudson, outside of a glass window and I’ll meditate at the start of my day. 

Describe your ideal weekend?: My ideal weekend is to have a great tennis game in the morning, have brunch at the Soho House, and then go see a good movie. A good one. That to me is a fun weekend; in the city, anyway. 

What are you listening to these days?: I have a very eclectic taste in music that spends on my mood. I’ll go from classical to rap to jazz to pop. Every mood searches for a different kind of music. I have rediscovered the Beatles - I think they are the greatest group in the world. Their lyrics are not haphazard, not conventional, and very real. 

What do you never travel without?: I like to wear shoes. A pair of shoes. Some things essentially are classics and I think it’s important to wear shoes wherever you go.