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Where were you born?: San Francisco, CA

What are your favorite restaurants?: Le Pigeon, Stammtisch, Scottie's Pizza

Cocktail of the moment?: Nuevo Viejo

Any hobbies you want to share?: I am a multi sport athlete and have (or still do) the following: skateboard street, snowboarding, boxing, football, hiking, jogging, jump rope, kick boxing, running, soccer, wrestling.I am an avid camper and outdoor advocate am involved in several non-profits focused on sustainability and the environment. I'm heavily involved in the entrepreneur community in Portland as well as the ESG-SRI investment space. I'm a huge fan of vintage Japanese motorcycles and am working on a 1978 Yamaha SR500 right now.

What is the best under-the-radar thing to do in your town?: 48 hour film race, Portland Design Week, MakerPDX, Heros vs Villans Pub crawl, Urban Iditarod, Improv at the Brody theater, free concerts at Mt Tabor.

Describe your ideal weekend?: French press coffee mornings, making awesome breakfast for the family, hiking up Mt. Tabor with the pooch, going to the coast for the night, surfing, beer, grilling, coming home in time to work on my motorcycle and the garden...late monday start to soak it all in.

What are you listening to these days?: 30 Seconds to Mars, Bleachers, Morecheeba, Zero 7, A tribe called Quest, Doug loves movies (podcast) How did this get made? (podcast)

What do you never travel without?: My Gerber crucial multi-use tool